Shari Silvey Artist Bio

During my early years as an artist, I used the color and beauty of the lush gardens surrounding me to uplift myself, looking for a way to turn the darkness in my life into Light. I found joy in painting these colorful flowers.  

At an art show later, in Sedona, Arizona, I was enchanted by the energy and light of the red rocks, and felt my spirit guides compel me to relocate. Intrigued by the energy moving through the vast open spaces, sensing something so much bigger than myself, I learned to listen. I found myself drawn to certain locations, as if directed to go there, not knowing why. While exploring this primal, desert wilderness, which included the Native American Indian reservations, I had first hand encounters with the wildlife… mountain lions, bears, rattlesnakes, etc., and became acquainted with animal guides and their messages. The remote canyons became my favorite places to journey, where the rock formations grounded me enough to sense unseen dimensions. 

Many times, like a puzzle, these journeys didn’t make sense to me until I got back to my studio and started painting. The paintings seemed to paint themselves, as I had no idea what would come out of me. From there the messages became clearer and I began to understand what spirit was trying to tell me about life I could write the story of my journey?

I feel honored to share the journeys I’ve experienced with you. May they help transform your life as they did mine.

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