About Us

Wyatt Gallery - focusing on local artists, and art with heart.

A long-held dream of local businessman and veteran Douglas Wyatt, The Wyatt Gallery aims to inspire and uplift the spirit through fine art, jewelry and superb natural minerals.

Gallery Manager Donna Bonavito has worked closely with Mr. Wyatt to create an open well-lit space that welcomes visitors and showcases the creations of artists from Arizona, California and North Dakota. For the inaugural opening The Wyatt Gallery is proud to offer visual art by Black Pinto Horse, Lydia Gatzow, Damian Gomes Tiffany Davis-Rustam, Jun Blanco, Janet Blumenthal and Kristi Rauckis.

Complementing the art is stunning Jewelry from world renown Mariana Gorga, Tommy Turquoise and Julia Galvan.

Wyatt Gallery is proud to offer a number of pieces by master sculptor John Soderberg, bringing a powerful and moving presence throughout the space.

Presiding overall, Mother Nature holds us in awe with gorgeous natural minerals including a giant natural angel aura quartz and a hand carved Opal.

Douglas Wyatt, well known for his dedication to producing and championing the role of Colostrum for our physical health, also deeply appreciates the role of the arts in our mental wellbeing. A long-time collector of art, jewelry, sculptures and natural minerals, his keen eye for beauty and willingness to seek out and support new art makes its mark on his gallery.

Donna Bonavito has worked with Doug for over 3 years and brings her education, experience and unerring eye for excellence and spatial relationship to the gallery. An artist in her own right she is connected with other artists of all kinds, encouraging and supporting their work at The Wyatt Gallery.

The Wyatt Galley at Hillside in Sedona aims to inspire and uplift the world through fine art, jewelry and natural minerals. With rotating curated shows that focus on local artists, come in and find your bliss.