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Growing up as the daughter of a professional artist, Shalece Fiack was constantly involved in some kind of art project. When she was young, she loved setting up an easel beside her father’s and creating her own oil paintings. She began experimenting with pastels when she was fourteen years old, and her parents encouraged her to enter her first juried show. She entered and was accepted, and the positive reception at the show sparked a lifelong love for
creating and sharing art.

As a young adult, Shalece lived in Italy for over a year, learning Italian and completely immersing herself in the culture. She developed a deep love for the people she met, and the way art was interwoven into every aspect of their lives. When she returned to the United States, she spent time selling art and wedding dresses. She loved interacting with clients and connecting them with products that fit their needs and desires.

Throughout her life, Shalece has continued to love art and is always involved in something creative. In October 2015, with encouragement from her father, Shalece began a challenge to create 100 paintings in 100 days, sharing her journey over social media. Backed by the support of family and friends, Shalece successfully completed her goal in January 2016, which culminated a short time later with her first one-woman show in Bangor, Maine Shalece continues to paint soft, colorful acrylic pieces in her home studio in Buckeye, Arizona where she lives with her husband and three daughters, who bring her daily joy and inspiration.

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