Misty Soderberg Artist Bio

When Misty Soderberg was 2 years old her father gave her some soft wax & hours later she had created a great horned owl sculpture.  By the age of 3 she had sculpted numerous pieces that her father cast in bronze. She sold several pieces at her first art show & was hired to sculpt her first commission. She also started showing her work in art galleries from Scottsdale, Arizona to Houston, Texas. She began gaining national attention as a young sculpting prodigy when her story was featured on the Paul Harvey show, “That’s Incredible” T.V. show, & various other national publications. 

She continued to grow as an artist by self-educating & working with other master sculptors.  She has worked with various foundries & honed her skills in all aspects of the Lost Wax Casting method that she employs in the production of her bronze sculpture. Misty’s unique style is a fusion of classical aesthetic with contemporary design elements.


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