Jill Trenholm Artist Bio

Jill was born in Sheridan, Wyoming and grew up in the mountain west. She has lived in Manhattan, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, the Pacific Northwest and Arizona.

Jill’s freelance career began as a toy painter for companies such as Disney and Applause where she painted the original sculptures of toys before they were sent off to be reproduced. Once Jill’s skill in sculptured collectibles and gift ware design was recognized she became the sought out professional for clients looking for “whimsical” and “cute” products. She was one of the top gift ware designers for Teleflora for over two decades.

Jill’s talent caught the attention of the international gift ware company Maruri for whom Jill created and sculpted the collectible figurine series, In A Nutshell, a 27 piece series of small hinged nuts which open to reveal a world of tiny animals in everyday situations from selling lemonade to throwing a Halloween party.

The In A Nutshell series led Jill to appear as a guest artist at many national and international gift ware shows as well as being a featured artist on the Q.V.C. home shopping network. Her sculpture work has expanded into a collectible series of sculptures and children’s books called Jirina’s Journey. Her “Sea Spirits” and “Forest Spirits” can be found in coastal galleries in the Pacific Northwest.

Jill’s latest work combines her whimsical smiling sculpture work with the funky edginess of steampunk. “I love this new direction my sculpture has taken and fun ideas pop into my head nonstop as I look at all the “cool assemblage junk” I am collecting. She is also collaborating with Sedona Artist “Geo” and you can find their work at www.geoandgille.com.


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