Victoria Coulter, MD

Victoria Coulter MD began painting during a five-year retreat from the world to quiet the mind, expand her horizons and allow her deeper self to inform me through its language of symbols. Each painting has felt like a gift which teaches Victoria on a very deep level. As she spends time with the paintings, she finds their messages being fleshed out in dreamtime and in the way she view herself and the world, somehow becoming embodied within her consciousness and life experience. Coulter’s hope is that in sharing these images, others will enjoy them and find that they speak with a language beyond words that may awaken aspects previously undiscovered. Viewed with an open curiosity to find the hidden images within light and shadow, one may discover a new and fresh experience of seeing the world from an unaccustomed perspective.

Victoria Coulter’s paintings arise from a spontaneous process of playing with the materials. When the paint dries, she begins an evocative exploration of ‘seeing’ what wants to be enhanced and working to bring out the images that show themselves. She attempts to let spirit lead and let go of wanting to be in control.

As a finishing touch, she hand embellishes each painting with gold leaf. In the framing process, the paintings are floated behind museum quality anti-reflective, UV blocking glass to insure visualization of the finest details. Victoria Coulter, MD is a retired physician and surgeon offering body energy work, sacred ceremony and fine art in Sedona, Arizona.


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