V. Norton Sedona Artist Bio

Nature is an inspiration for Victoria Norton’s artwork. She has lived in the Verde Valley for most of her life, most often with a studio set amongst the iconic red rocks of Sedona. She draws her inspiration from the native landscape, its people and animals to create her present and evolving work with clay. All the indigenous tribes have been a huge source of creativity for Norton. She has spent a lot of time traveling extensively in Mexico, South America, Europe and Africa.

Everywhere Norton has travelled, she finds indigenous people creating vessels, masks and some image of the unknown which she strives for. She says this about her mask art “I too am a mask maker, large and small.”

Porcelain is the clay with which Victoria Norton likes to play. Her functional pieces, such as the bowls and hand carved mugs, are all high fired with lead free glazes. Safe to eat from, as well as aesthetically pleasing. However, she does love the bright colors of the low fire glazes used in some of my folk art pieces and especially her masks. She aims to translate and transcribe all the colors, textures and shapes in the environment around her.

Victoria looks forward to a long relationship with the spirit of her clay and those who appreciate its beauty!

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Victoria Norton Sedona Artist Bio

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