Tiffany has always been involved in creative pursuits of some form or another. Upon graduating in Graphic Design at The University of Minnesota, Twin Cities, she moved to New York City to pursue her dream of designing fashion magazines.  

While in NYC, Tiffany and her husband discovered the transformative power of yoga, and even began teaching yoga classes and learning energy healing. This subsequently got them both rethinking their career directions and catapulted them on a year-long vision quest around the world, to over a dozen different exotic countries. These captivating travels and a brief move to Hawaii inspired more explorations in drawing, painting, photography and poetry for Tiffany.  

Another move to Los Angeles saw Tiffany running her own eco-savvy, award-winning graphic design agency. Yet, she never felt like she could be as expressive as she wanted with computer graphics, so shortly after, she began painting zealously in her free time. Within a few years, making art with her hands became her life's passion, and she quit design to focus on more creative and metaphysical interests.

In 2014, Tiffany took her easel on the road and toured with musician-husband, Darius Lux, whom she often accompanied on flute. While on this latest journey, and after 3 painful years of intense illness, Tiffany suddenly and miraculously cured herself in early 2015 with the power of her mind, encouraged by wellness coaches, new-thought philosophy & energy healing. 

Through the personal growth process of the last few years, her artistic focus had shifted from non-representational painting to abstracting surrealistic figures that tell empowering stories of healing and transformation. She likes to engage both sides of the brain, the left and the right, the spiritual and the physical self, in an abstracted take on visionary art. 

At the end of these travels, Tiffany moved to Sedona in 2015, where she started creating her Vortex Wands. Several years after she moved back to Los Angeles, after missing the mix of art culture so much. 

Tiffany occasionally shows her collection of surreal abstract paintings in galleries & art festivals. She also produces her art products that are more interactive with people, like her silk chiffon art scarves, and Vortex Wands. 


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